Hogsback is situated in the Amatola Mountains of the Eastern Cape Province, about 1 300 m above sea-level. By road from Queenstown (to the north), Grahamstown (to the south) and East London (to the east), it is approximately one and a half hours drive. Hogsback was recently voted (by Getaway Magazine) as one of the top ten most beautiful destinations in South Africa.

The area is also steeped in history; in the 1800’s, it was from these very cliffs along the Hogsback escarpment that the Xhosa warriors descended into the Tyhume Valley to engage in battle with the British Frontier Troops. One of these battles was the famous Christmas Day Massacre of 1850.

Hogsback, with its wonderful mountains, spectacular views, mystical forests, swirling mists, beautiful birds, butterflies and mushrooms, and its often glorious sunsets, has an air of enchantment and tranquillity all of its own. It is the ideal holiday destination for nature lovers. Hogsback is well known for its beautiful spring, summer and autumn gardens. It often snows in winter and this is always a reason for much excitement and celebration!

Once in Hogsback, you are surrounded by mountains and indigenous forests with waterfalls and magical streams. You can explore Hogsback by means of hiking trails, short or long walks, leisurely drives, or by mountain bike. We can organise horseriding and mountain bike hire. There are superb hikes and mountain bike rides through beautiful indigenous forests, along magical forest streams, past some stunning waterfalls, with spectacular views of the mountains and the valley below.

There are two game reserves within 60 km of Hogsback. At the local hotels there are swimming pools, a tennis court and bowling green which may be used with permission. The village has a small grocery stores, a Post Office, a quaint Chapel, several local craft venues and the award winning Eco-Shrine. Some local artists have their studios open to the public.